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The Float Space
HEAL: IR Sauna, Float + BioMat Bundle

30 min Infrared Sauna, 1 hr Float & 45 min BioMat
Unique at The Float Space, this package combines the power of our 3 signature therapies: Floatation, BioMat and Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna for a deeply healing, detoxifying and regenerating effect.

  • Detox and de-stress in the infrared sauna

  • Soothe aches and pains during an amethyst BioMat session

  • Float weightlessly in a state-of-the-art float pod

Treat  your body, mind and soul to ultimate health and wellness rejuvenation! Your journey to pure bliss begins in a full spectrum infrared sauna, proven to have glorious physical and mental health benefits including detoxification, relaxation, anti-aging, cardiovascular, weight loss and pain relief. Feel soothed from within as the heat pushes out damaging toxins and aches that plague your body.

After your purifying sauna, unwind with a deeply relaxing amethyst BioMat session, a healing tool that combines infrared light, negative ions and amethyst crystals. As you lie across the mat, its gentle warmth produces a massaging effect, soothing your body and nerves, melting away any stress and pain.

Already radiating from the inside out, you will make your way to your own private floatation suite where you will begin your floatation therapy. Slowly sink into the warm water, filled with over 600kg of Epsom salts (magnesium sulphate) and within minutes, feel the stress and tension slip away. Without the distractions of external stimulation such as sound and light, you can truly let go. After the session, enjoy your post-float glow in the lounge with a complimentary herbal tea.


Valid 6 months from sale date
Not shareable

The Float Space Return Policy applies to online purchases Services and Gift Cards. Please make sure you are ready to commit to discovering what our therapies can do for you before purchasing a service. Rebooking, exchange or service credit may be provided at our discretion. No refunds will be given for change of mind.

If canceling within 24 hours of the appointment or no show, no refund or service credit will be available.

Purchase Option type
Purchase Option type: Package
Sessions: Unlimited
Duration: 6 months
Items Included in Package:

1x 45 Minute BioMat Session, 1x 1Hr Casual Float Session for bundles, 30 min Infrared Sauna

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