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Purna Yoga East
New Student (to Purna Yoga East) and Welcome Back pass for 2024


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Duration Pass
Number of Sessions:
5 weeks
Access to Sessions:
Just for Beginners yoga 5-week course!, All Levels Satur" YAY" class, AM Rise and Shine, Level 1-2, Equinox/Solstice Surya Namaskar, Gentle Yoga, Heartfull Meditation, Ladies Yoga (private), Level 1 - Beginner Basics, Level 1-2 Beginner's Plus, Level 2 - Foundations, Raleigh Yoga Center Purna Yoga, Soothing Sundays, Spinal Rejuvenation on the Yoga Wall, Summer Self Lovin' Workshop, Sunday All Levels Yoga and Meditation, TGYF-Thank Goodness it's Yoga Friday, All-Levels HOLIDAY class, Yoga - All Level, All-Level Anniversary Celebration Yoga, Anniversary Heartfull Meditation, Mid-week Stretch & GO, Free Community Class, Thanksgiving Eve Restorative class, Online Morning Purna Yoga Moves, Online EVENING PURNA YOGA PRACTICE, Live Studio class LEVEL 1, Live studio class LEVEL 1-2, All-Levels SaturYAY yoga, Yoga & Essential Oils
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This pass is for people who live in the area and want to experience all the studio has to offer or are a returning Purna Yoga East student who hasn't taken classes with us in the last 12 months.

You will have access to all studio classes that are at an appropriate practice level for you.  Your pass activates after you attend your first class at Purna Yoga East.

Meet our instructors, enjoy the beautiful space, and feel the gift of a yoga practice not only in your body but in your life!

Our studio is fully equipped and we clean the mats after each class.  You are welcome to bring your own if they are clean and free of pet hairs.
We ask that you refrain from wearing strong scents and heavy perfumes.  
Mask are optional.

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