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Yoga at the Ashram
Level 2:  Authentic Relationships
Level 2: Authentic Relationships


Apr 12, 2024 - Apr 28, 2024
Number of Sessions:
Days of week
Repeat every
Apr 26, 2024 - Apr 28, 2024
Days of week:
Fri / Sat / Sun
8:30AM - 6:00PM
Yoga at the Ashram
Hari Kaur
Repeat every:
1 year(s)


Join us for two weekend sessions to learn to use awareness, contemplation and meditation to revision your relationship to self and other. Forgive the past and heal the present. Release yourself from the wounds of love and begin to live authentically. Recognize the patterns that keep you from expressing your true Self and create a new template: give and receive love from abundance, consciousness and ease.


-Explore what an authentic relationship is and what it’s not
-Relate to your soul as the foundation for authentic relationships
-Understand the special challenges that long-term relationships and marriage face in the Aquarian Age
-Identify the common ways we make relationships fail
-Develop self-love as a key to authentic relationships
-Identify our core paradox and transform it from problem to opportunity
-Create a conscious relationship with your own masculine and feminine energies
-Develop Sacred Community


I have integrated authentic relationships into all areas of my life. My relationships are held in a manner that uplifts everyone and does not let anyone down. I have befriended my own soul. I recognize myself and I am in a creative, dynamic relationship with my Infinite Self, which is God. My ability to love myself is the foundation for authentic love with others. I understand the dynamic of polarities in relationships and I respond to them creatively and authentically. I act from my true self to project love and wisdom and conquer any fears and defenses that may taint my relationships. I cultivate my intuition, scope and caliber and apply them to every relationship. I have forgiven all hurts and injuries and act with integrity to friend and foe. I understand that my soul chose my family and I creatively interact, heal, forgive and relate to my lineage as human beings who, like me, want to be healthy, happy and holy. I act from consciousness, beyond polarity, to honor the masculine and feminine within me and around me. As a teacher I form all my relationships in the grace, honor and integrity of the Golden Chain to fulfill my destiny.

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Special Instructions

We will share our traditional Langar meal with students on Sundays, and we invite you to either bring your own lunch on Fridays and Saturdays or join the group in a healthy vegan meal ordered from our local vegan restaurant, Nirvana.

Please feel free to arrive 10-15 minutes early to give yourself enough time to park and settle in. If this is your first time visiting the Ashram, please inform your teacher upon arrival so they can help you get oriented to the space.

Our studio has yoga mats, blocks, blankets, and chairs for your convenience. We strongly encourage you to bring any additional items needed for any added support, such as bolsters and cushions.

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