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Unlimited Aerial YOGA Monthly Pass (Auto-renewal)


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Number of Sessions:
Access to Sessions:
Aerial Yoga Core: Open Level, Aerial Yoga: Level 1, Aerial Yoga: Level 2, Aerial Yoga: Level 1 (Community), Aerial Yoga: Mellow Flow (Community), Gentle Aerial Yoga: Open Level (Community), Vinyasa (Community): Open Level, Aerial Dance: 101 (Community), *Handstands: Open Level (Off-Peak), Aerial Hammock Tricks & Flow: Level 1 (Community), Circus 101 Silks/Lyra, *Aerial Hammock Tricks & Flow: Level 1 (Off-Peak), *Aerial Yoga: Level 1 (Off-Peak), *Aerial Dance: 101 (Off-Peak), *Aerial Yoga Core: Open Level (off-Peak), *Aerial Dance: Level 1 (Off-Peak), Copy of *Aerial Dance: Level 1 (Off-Peak), *Aerial Yoga: Morning Bliss Level 1 (Off-Peak), Copy of *Aerial Hammock Tricks & Flow: Level 1 (Off-Peak)
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Membership Perks: 
- Unlimited Aerial Yoga and Community Classes ONLY.
- 25% off other classes (Drop ins only), Full price for early booking.  
- 1 late cancel/no show fee wave. 
- Up to one month advance booking and up to 24 hours for rescheduling. 
- No rental fees, both mats and apparatus included.
- 10% off workshops. 
- 1 free hold request every three months. $20 fee for any additional requests. Hold requests for minimum 1 week (7days), maximum 1 Month (30 days). Exception: unlimited hold for injuries. Must show a letter from a doctor.  

Policies and requirements:
 A penalty of $25 for any Late cancel/no show (charged at the end of the week/ month). No exceptions after the 1 waves. For illness and injuries you must submit a letter from the doctor with your request.   -

Membership Cancelation:
 There is a charge of $20 to cancel the membership. Cancellation must be requested by email Membership will be terminated from the requested date, no refunds for partially used months. This cancelation fee will be waived if the cancellation request passes a full year cycle or due to an injury. 
- Commitment for at least 3 months otherwise $50 penalty in addition to the membership cancellation request of $20. 

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