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Reconditioning Core Wounds Half-Day Mini Retreat
Reconditioning Core Wounds Half-Day Mini Retreat


Mar 10, 2024 - Mar 10, 2024
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Are you often emotionally dysregulated?

Do the same patterns of behaviour keep showing up across your relationships?

Are you at the mercy of your triggers?

It could be that your core wounds are hijacking your nervous system.

In this half-day mini-retreat you'll learn simple cognitive tools, as well as embodied practices, to identify & rewrite your core wounds - the long-held, painful stories we add to the experiences we have as adults.


Calling on six lovely humans to join me Sunday March 10th for a half-day mini retreat exploring how our attachment style influences the way we seek connection.

Throughout the four-hour event we’ll:

- Uncover our primary & secondary attachment styles

- Explore common relationship patterns associated with each attachment style

- Identify individual core wounds – the layers of story we add to the experiences we have as adults

- Use 'top down' cognitive tools to start to reframe our chosen core wound

- Use 'bottom up' embodied practices to create greater nervous system regulation & rewrite painful stories that sit in the subconscious

The afternoon will end with yoga nidra – yogic sleep – & energy healing, moving us into our alpha & theta brainwave states so that we’re better able to recondition our relationship to our chosen core wound. Participants will receive a recording of the live yoga nidra after the event so that they can continue the reconditioning work at home.


Attachment Theory

Attachment theory - empirically supported by both medical doctors & researchers - derives from the concept that attachment is the primary driver of all our relationships, romantic or otherwise.


Although our attachment patterns typically form in childhood, all subsequent life experiences have the potential to transform or intensify attachment styles.


The four basic attachment styles are:

- Dismissive-Avoidant

- Fearful-Avoidant

- Anxious Attachment

- Secure Attachment


While insecure attachment styles (anxious, dismissive, fearful) aren't a sign that we are flawed or damaged, they often come with unhealthy habits & deeply-internalised negative beliefs.


Core Wounds

Core wounds are beliefs we acquire through conditioning. Ages 0-8 are our peak conditioning years due to our highly impressionable brainwave states.


Those with insecure attachment styles tend to have more core wounds, where the securely attached’s core wounds are typically less intense, less frequently activated, & situation specific.


The language of our core wounds is simple – ‘I am bad’, ‘I am alone’, ‘I am unsafe’, ‘I am unworthy’. This is because they were often formed before conscious, analytical thinking.


In adulthood, core wounds can present as an inability to regulate our emotions, including:

- Reactivity

- Emotional manipulation

- Controlling behaviour


Attachment coaching can help you to rewrite the stories you tell yourself, to recondition your core wounds.


Yoga Nidra

Yoga nidra, also known as yogic sleep, works with the energetic body to induce a state of deep rest. Although you’re awake, a profound stillness & calm takes over the body, & awareness turns inwards.


Yoga nidra influences brainwaves, enabling individuals to effortlessly transition from the waking beta state of conscious thought & logical thinking, to the alpha (between waking & dreaming; hypnagogic), theta (dreaming; sub-conscious), & delta (deep sleep; unconscious) states, all while the practitioner is awake & aware.


Energy Healing

Chronic stress & trauma can overwhelm our coping abilities &lead to physical, emotional & mental stress. Energy healing with Nat:

– Reduces stress & anxiety

– Calms the nervous system

– Reduces pain & tension

– Facilitates deep relaxation & mental calm

Energy healing also helps those with attachment wounds & challenging family dynamics to:

– Set healthy boundaries

– Identify unmet needs

– Resolve negative emotional patterns

– Resolve trauma

– Keep your energy clear so you are less affected by other people’s energy.


When: Sunday March 10th, 10AM-2PM
Where: Carry Om Yoga Wynnum, Suite 203, 96-100 Florence St, Wynnum, 4178
Investment: $249. Tickets must be purchased in advance.
Questions? Contact Nat on 0477 799 337 or

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