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Intro to Wheel of Consent Workshop
Intro to Wheel of Consent Workshop


May 11, 2024 - May 11, 2024
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This 3 hour immersive experience will leave you with lasting skills, an embodied somatic experience of your Authentic Desires and an elevated understanding about Consent.

The teachings are about ways to communicate more of what we want in life and learning how to navigate what we do not want or are not willing to do. Questions that the work focuses on:


- What blocks us from asking for what we want?
- What inhibits us from setting limits with others?
- How can trauma manifest itself in people pleasing or in overtaking without consideration?
- How do we reawaken the channels of nerve pathways to experience even more pleasure in our bodies?
- How do we navigate consent, within ourselves and with others?


This workshop is a blend of theory and experiential, body-based exercises. These are practices that are meant to be repeated so if you have taken one of Sarah Anne's workshops before, experiencing it again always allows new learnings to unfold!


Workshop participants will be able to:

- Strengthen their ability to sense and express their desires
- Become confident with making requests and respond to them 
- Honour, appreciate and to celebrate No (hearing it and saying it)

The workshop is a sample of the amazing “Wheel Of Consent®” Practices. Sarah Anne will guide participants to set a container of safe enough, provide some incredible knowledge about Consent, Desires and Limits, introduce some highly impactful practices, and send all participants home with some homeplay practices to keep the learning going!


Who is facilitating:

Sarah Anne (she/they) is the Owner of Awaken BLISS. Managing a life of chronic pain and disconnection led her to a wellness career. She was introduced to dance in her early childhood, this gave her a place to express energy in motion (e-motion). Then came the practice of yoga, which united breath into conscious meditative movement. Thai Massage established a principle of Metta (unconditional loving kindness) that has shaped her life and career with dynamic energy in a dance of surrender. Enthusiastic Consent has now become the major vocation for Sarah Anne and guides them in family, intimate relationships, work relationships and any opportunity to engage with this way of living.  They are a Somatic Sex Coach troubling normal and infusing pleasure into their clients lives.  Join them with one on one coaching, group workshops, classes and online sessions.


Bring: Notebook, Water

Open to Non-Members

**Please note there are no refunds**

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