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Iaido is the modern form of 450 year old traditional Samurai sword arts intended to teach the ability to draw the sword quickly for surprise or defense. Practice focuses on cultivating the skill of drawing the sword and cutting in the same motion. The techniques were originally designed to deal with mostly non-battlefield situations.
The “I” in “I-aido” refers both to the existence of the body and the mind. The “ai” refers to adaptability, the correct spontaneous movements called for in the moment of now. The connotation of the “do” ending is that the art form is a way of life. Iaido is a training method with philosophical benefits that can have a profound effect on one’s entire life. Most practice is with a traditional curved metal blade. In contrast with Kendo (Japanese fencing), Iaido is performed without protective coverings of any kind so practice is primarily solo. Students must strive to achieve power, precision and perfection in their form. Along the way they learn balance, grace, and control. The body and mind are one in the present moment.

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