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Set clear intentions for the rest of the week with this high energy, faster pace workout!

Amp up your regular routinue and energy at the end of the day by taking this class that will leave you feel accomplished, lean and a little sweaty.

riZe up in life.  Show up in class the way you want to show up in the world; eager, ready and willing to be part of a collective force all working for the betterment of yourself and each other.

Set to faster tempo music and higher energy this class will still hold Pilates principles of breath, control, balance, focus and centering.  We will move in a circuit style setting and get a full body workout.  Expect to work every large and small muscle, do cardio conditioning, and cool down with an amazing stretch all within an hour.  

All levels are welcome, in the circuit you can sit a station out while your heartrate recovers and move at your own pace while at each station.

We will work on the Reformers, at the Barre, on the Wunda Chair, on the mat and do body weighted movements for functional training.  Come join us in the fun!

Prerequisite: display control of the equipment.  


Special Instructions


SILENCE your phones.

Be on time.

Remember your Pilates socks.

Be courteous to those in class and have your kids play quietly in the playroom only.