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Students must be able to lead themselves in a personal practice. However, not a lot of prior yoga experience is necessary. If you know a handful of postures, then that is enought to begin.

Teacher gives adjustments and suggestions uniquely tailored to each individual. 

Note: Many people who have done Mysore Style classes misunderstand the style to be only limited to a series of postrues often known as Power Yoga or Astanga. However, this was only because Patabhi Jois, the teacher who made Astanga popular, was only following a chorographed format for street performances that his teacher, Sri Krishnamacharay, had taught him along with other less fortunate children in the area. What Sri Krishnamacharya taught to his international students in the Mysore Palace was much less limiting and far more experimental and explorative... meeting students whereever they are at ~ and taking them far beyond as well.