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Let's learn to pole dance!  Learn the basics in this fun, exciting and hot class!  Our Intro to Pole class is tailored for the beginner who wants to give pole dancing a try!  A great introduction to how to pole and what it's all about!!  You will leave with a great workout, feel empowered and wanting more!

Special Instructions

Please note our LATE POLICY:  To protect all of our students from injury and to ensure a smooth class, we ask that you are on time for you class.  Students more than 5 minutes late will not be allowed into class.  Being on time is critical to the nature of what we do here at SOUL, because the warm up is the most critical to each students safety and well being in class, it also allows each participant to be fully engaged in the classroom without disruption.  So please arrive early for your class!

WHAT to WEAR to your First Class:  SHORT SHORTS & a Tank top.  Exposed skin is necessary to stick to the pole.  Please NO jewelry on hands or wrists.  Also, to enjoy pole completely, do not apply lotion before class, as this will potentially cause you to slip on the pole.