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Embark on a transformational adventure into the sacred ground of your body and being.
Whether you are new to the exploration of energy or you are an advanced student or wellness professional, this journey is sure to ignite profound understanding and engagement with the Chakras, ancient centers of lifeforce (prana) or energy.

Join Grace Jull, the anatomy specialist for over a decade with the Kripalu Yoga Teacher training and Massage school, as she guides you through the exquisite terrain of your body, blending the frontiers of science and esoteric insight with rich experiential exercises. Understanding the Chakras offers a coherent map to inhabit yourselves with more clarity and creativity, allowing powerful collaboration with the vast intelligence of your body, mind, and spirit. By uniting the ancient maps of the Chakras with modern anatomical structure, Grace teaches you how to become more deeply at home in the center of your source and soul.

During your time with Grace explore:

  • Experiential exercises and yoga practices that will energize and expand your awareness.
  • Grounded and illuminating anatomy instruction about systems associated with the Chakras, particularly fascia, the glands and nervous system.
  • A deeper understanding and access to the psycho-spiritual aspects of these centers of intelligence and self- expression.

Yoga students and teachers alike will benefit from this exploration, and will leave with a greater compassion, capacity, and curiosity in discovering your body’s full potential. Befriend your body more deeply, taking with you the resources to perceive your body, mind and spirit as your beloved companion, living with greater potency, flow, freedom and pleasure.

This workshop is part of our RYT300 Yoga Teacher Training, and includes both students from the public and students in the teacher training.

Full Weekend: $400 

Friday, Saturday, Sunday 9am - 5pm 

counts for 20CEUs with Yoga Alliance

Special Instructions