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Join Ian for this foundational intensive intended to familiarize students with the basic theory and practice of mantra as a personal, spiritual path. 

The following is a general outline of the topics which will be covered in each session of the Level 1 Mantra Chant Intensive:

Session 1.

Basic definitions of mantra and sacred language. An introduction to Sanskrit pronunciation. Mantras for Gaeśa and Sarasvatī.

Session 2.

Mantras for Lakmī, Durgā, Śiva and Viu. Explanation of mālās (counting beads) and how they are used. Preparatory practices and an explanation of daily sādhana. Understanding deity vibrations and the nature of conscious energy. How to interact with deities on a personal level. The role of mythology and storytelling in spiritual practice.

Session 3.


Lectures on the underlying theory behind mantra, using information gained from texts of the yoga tradition as well as practical experience. Major topics include the nature of śakti (divine energy), prāna (life force) and kundalinī(evolutionary energy), a detailed examination of the cakra system and the relationship between that system and the Sanskrit language. Discussion and practice with bīja mantras (seed sounds) that encapsulate the basic vibrations of reality.

Session 4.

Advanced topics in mantra practice. The gāyatrī and mtyunjaya mantras (it will probably require 2 hours just to go over these 2 mantras, and even then we will only touch the surface!). How to develop a specific mantra sādhana to achieve a particular goal. The structure of deeper practices. Discussions about the students' personal practices with a Q & A session.

(This weekend counts as one elective for the RYS300 hour Teacher Training Progam but is not limited to Trainees. All are welcome)

Friday 6-9 pm
Saturday 1-4 pm and 6-9 pm
Sunday 1-4 pm

Total Cost: $144 

Early bird (before June 1) $108

Special Instructions