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Explore focused sections of the 26+2 (Bikram) original hot yoga class. Instructor Katie will lead with demonstrations, tips, and plenty of time for Q&A and individual attention.  Beginners and all levels welcome.

About The Instructor: Katie LOVES workshops! As much as Katie is energized by her students, she also is inspired by being a student herself. She pursues countless hours of continuing education because yoga is fun and interesting! To Katie, developing and leading workshops is way to offer "continuing ed" to her students -- an opportunity to explore all of the questions that pop into your head in the middle of class! Katie's interactive formats emphasis technique, alignment, effective cuing and the science (i.e., physics, anatomy, geometry, etc.) of each posture so that the yoga is accessible to ALL practitioners -- regardless of skill or experience -- through understanding!

Cost For This Special Event

Walk-ins: $22 per person for walkins, visitors, non-members and Thrive Classpack members. This can be paid online in advance or at the front desk on same day of event.

Already an Unlimited Thrive Member?… Any Thrive member on a current unlimited membership can attend this special event at no additional cost.

Already a 5-Classes-Per-Month Member? Any Thrive member on a current monthly membership with a fixed number of classes per month can attend this special event just like any other class. If you have exceeded your classes in the workshop, simply pay your discounted pro-rated class fee at the front desk before the event just like you would for regular classes.

Note to Current Monthly Members: if you are not able to sign-in online for free, please email us and we will update your membership correctly and sign you in to the workshop. Also, any past due balance on your studio account must be paid in full before attending this special event.

Special Instructions