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Calling ALL MASTERS interested in trying something totally beneficial, empowering and a lot of fun! Powerlifting is not just for the youth, it’s for everyone. In the end you are just lifting against yourself, your terms, your weights.

- - -

Build and maintain muscle as you work on one of the most original forms of fitness, Powerlifting. Through resistance training there’s so much to gain besides improved strength, balance, mobility, etc. There’s friendship, confidence and true sense of pride you deserve, no matter what stage of life!

- - -

Masters lifters (ages 50+)

Tuesdays and Thursdays @ 11:00 AM + 2/week Silver Strong Classes

Session #1: Jan 7 - Mar 5 (9 wks) @ $315 + GST

Next session:
Session #2: Mar 10 - May 14
(9 wks) @ $315 + GST

- - -

Register online OR Come into The Hub PT during the day to register

Special Instructions

Wear comfortable clothes and solid based, flat shoes like KEDS, Converse or lifting shoes.

Bring a water bottle.