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Kids Club | Online Mid-Week Meetup (ages 8-12 yrs)


With all that is happening around us, we feel like this gathering is more important than ever. Register your child for a welcoming safe place for kids to be with kids while learning how to deal with anything that is coming up for them in these ever-changing times. Parents can enjoy some private time while Kelly whisks them away to new possibilities and maybe even some new friendships.


Being a parent, step-parent, and past kid herself, Kelly is excited to share her love of innocence, kindness, and resourcefulness with all children to gather for this special time together. 



- Meditation Relaxation

- Meet your Angels and Guides

- Be You (that’s how we like you best)

- Meet your Higher Self

- Overcoming Scary Things

- Trade Worry for Trust

- The Invisible String + Hypnotic Grief Wisdom

Special Instructions

This class is reserved for those 8-12 yrs old. Please register your child at least 30-minutes prior to the class start in order to receive the join-in link in a timely manner. Use code "OnlineConnection" for 50% off of this online class.