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Chair Yoga - Great in these times if you don't have a mat and larger practice area.

Many people can benefit from a practice based on supported standing and seated postures. This allows focused movement without the need to move between the floor and standing while offering the many benefits of yoga. Come enjoy an unintimidating practice in a supportive community where you will be guided through options focused on the unique needs within the group and in the process strengthen your body, mind and spirit. 

People who work in offices / chairs can benefit from cultivating a chair practice - with a stable chair, taking breaks to do chair poses can be a great way to renew and feel more productive.

Many health practitioners are recommending yoga to lower stress and reduce the use of pain medication.   Others are encouraging it for those who have compromised mobility, are recovering from injury, or are apprehensive about starting a program.   Regardless of your motivation, chair yoga is a great practice that can challenge you; enhance movement and balance; and enable you to move toward your health goals.

The class ends with a relaxation and sound immersion using crystal bowls, koshi chimes, singing bowls, gongs and more.  

Special Instructions

This class will be run through Zoom. Please sign up for your free Zoom account. 20 minutes before class begins, you will receive an email with a meeting ID and password. If you need more detailed instructions on using Zoom, see our online yoga page at 

This is a donation based class - Donations can be mad through our online yoga page using the Donate button.   Please consider a donation to help us with the cost of keeping our studio open through these difficult times. We appreciate every amount we receive.