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The postures in Yin Yoga are held longer to target the connective tissues surrounding the muscles and joints. The longer holds help to strengthen and stretch, increase mobility, and blood flow to nourish and rejuvenate.

Suitable if you are new to yoga or mature aged because of the slower pace. Also perfect for the athlete, or those needing to slow down an active mind. This practice trains you to be still, to really get to know yourself, your body, how you think, and learn to breathe through moments of intensity.

Yin Yoga is a balance to the stronger or fast-paced practices. Slowing down allows you to pay more attention. The perfect antidote for physical and mental exhaustion.

When postures are held for longer it:
• improves range of motion
• improves flexibility
• decreases stress as you focus on breathing practices
• lengthens muscles
• hydrates tissues and muscles
• thickens and strengthens ligaments
• lubricates and increases mobility in joints
• hydrates skin
• detoxifies
• calms the nervous system
• slows the mind
• grounds us
• gives us a more meditative practice

Special Instructions