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This is a truly transformational evening. Reiki is an ancient form of energy healing that encourages balance, harmony, and renewal. Like restorative yoga, it works on physical, emotional and spiritual levels to replenish the body’s energy systems, leaving you feeling nourished and deeply rejuvenated.

During this workshop you'll enjoy blissful restorative yoga poses supported by blankets, bolsters and blocks to allow the body and mind to completely relax. The lights are low and soft soothing music plays in the background as our Reiki Master, Ellen Dragonette, moves about the room giving each attendee personal, hands-on Reiki healing. All precautions will be taken based on CDC recommendations at the time.

Due to the individualized attention that is given in this workshop, we can only allow 5 attendees, so reserve your spot early! Don’t miss this unique opportunity to experience deep, personal peace and healing. $30

Instructor Ellen Dragonette is an E-RYT and a Reiki Master. She specializes in gentle and restorative yoga and has additional training in Yin yoga.

Special Instructions