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This class has a strong focus on strengthening and toning using a ballet bar to provide stability.  In this class, the postures are typically inspired by ballet.  The moves are designed to be isometric in nature – meaning that each move is held for a longer time to build muscular endurance through contraction.  Our PowerFull Barre Bell class will be high intensity, low impact – the workout will challenge the body but will not involve any plyometrics or jumping that can cause stress on the joints.  

During class moms get their workout in and build community with other moms while kids play nearby.  Modifications are offered so all levels are welcome!  After 45 minutes you will leave feeling strong, empowered and ready to conquer the day!

Special Instructions

Please bring mat, water and a light set of dumbbells to class (maybe 2-3 lbs). If you don't have any - no worries. The instructor will bring extras!