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Students wishing to improve range of motion will find this class invaluable. Yin is wonderful for stress relief and for healing injury or stiffness that comes with age, trauma or athletic pursuit.
Students who are at the very beginning of their Yoga journey and students who have practiced for decades love this class equally. That's because there are very few poses in a practice. All postures are performed close to the ground in a seated, supine or prone position with the help of lot's of Yoga props. The objective of a Yin class is not to "stretch out" but rather to introduce mild duration "stress" to tissues. In Yin we target conncective tissues through this special approach. Gentle stress to connective tissue can help relieve pain and feelings of tightness, restore hydration and suppleness and even improve elasticity! Yin is a marriage of poses and meditation. Perhaps the most vital benefit of Yin is improved self awareness; proprioception (the sense of where your limbs are in space) and interoception (your sense of your body's inner workings). Improved self awareness can help you to recover from injury or prevent injury, enhance balance and contribute to healthy daily habits. 
Pranayama and meditation techniques are explored in this class as well as a healthy dose of yoga theory and philosophy, anatomy and tissue mechanics. 

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