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Class 04 - Take the Back - Mount & Rear Naked Choke - Back Mount [GU-4 & GU-5]; Clinch (Conservative Opponent) [GU-15]


Take the Back - Mount - The mount is unquestionably the best place to be in a fi ght. Once you achieve the mount you must focus all your efforts on maintaining the position. Nine times out of ten, your opponent will fear getting punched in the face and will instantly roll to their knees. If you don’t respond to their roll correctly, you will fall off. Knowing how to achieve the back mount will ensure that you do not lose control and that you take advantage of the opportunity they are creating. In this lesson you will learn how to Take the Back as well as what to do if the opponent begins to slip away from your back mount control.


Rear Naked Choke - Back Mount - Of all the techniques in Gracie Jiu-Jitsu, the Rear Naked Choke has been responsible for more fight victories than any other technique. Based entirely on effective use of leverage, you can use this submission to defeat an opponent of any size. In this lesson, you will first learn the Basic Application, and then learn the Strong Side and Weak Side variations of this powerful choke.


Clinch (Conservative Opponent) - The goal in a fight is to avoid getting knocked out, establish the clinch, and get the fight to the ground. The easiest time to do this is when your opponent commits to attacking you aggressively. For this reason, it is best to keep the distance and wait for their attack if at all possible. In the event that your opponent approaches conservatively during the fight and you would like to initiate the attack, you can use the “surprise entry” method to establish the clinch. 

Special Instructions