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Class 03 - Position Control - Mount [GU-3]; Body Fold Takedown [GU-14]


Position Control - Mount The mount is the most dominant position in a fight because it enables you to win the fight in a variety of ways. You must understand, however, that as soon as you achieve the mount, your opponent will do everything in his power to get you off of them. In this lesson you will learn how to control and exhaust a larger stronger opponent from the mount. First, you will learn how to apply effective hip pressure, and then you will see how to neutralize the most common escape attempts used in real fights.


Body Fold Takedown - Instead of exchanging punches with a larger opponent, we recommend that you establish the clinch and take them to the ground where you can exhaust and submit them. Once you establish the clinch, there is a good chance that they will get desperate and try to hit you in the face. In doing so, they will lean back and unknowingly create the perfect opportunity for the Body Fold takedown.

Special Instructions