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The TAK’I stands for vanguard in Nathan’s mothers tongue. It means to be at the forefront of new developments and ideas which is where we provide world class cutting edge programming. It also means to become the group that makes up the front guard or leading position of an army or movement that spearheads the advance both physically and mentally.
Incorporating boxing - weights - ZUU and our functional zone, we cycle a very specific program over a three month period by building your engine - refining your fuel - increasing top line output covering fundamental athletic performance. Each month we continually layer mental toughness and resilience to your performance while being submerged in our inclusive ZUU culture.
Expect increases in fat loss - explosive power - heart rate performance - cardio conditioning - functional strength - strength endurance - muscle tone - muscle efficiency - mobility. 
Our periodised program will have you physically ready and mentally resilient to crush any other program or face any challenge in life for this is what it means to be in the TAK’I.

Special Instructions