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This Yin Release & Restore class is all about slowing down and calming the mind. Yin yoga teaches us to go inside, explore, and relax the muscles mindfully to allow an effective lengthening and strengthening of the tissues. No increasing the heart rate, no sweat, no active stretching in this class. Instead, you’ll learn how to release deeply embedded tension through passive stretches in longer holds. This breath led yin asana and gentle floor-work grounds the body and supports a sweet journey towards steadiness and ease. Holding passive (yin) poses safely and for longer periods of time explores the mastery of breath and the surrendering of muscles to reach into the deeper layers of the body known as fascia/tissues. Weaving in Reiki healing, meditation/breath techniques, and creative visualizations, you’ll leave feeling fully restored, relaxed, and ready to begin a new day.

Special Instructions