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Our mobility class takes several philosophies of joint flexibility and stability into a flow of joint control. 

Kinstretch, ELDOA, and fascial stretch techniques are combined in a flow sequence working into a full body active stretch designed to decompress the joints and sequence the skill of segmental body control. Each participant will walk away with specific exercises to continue to work on their own, each day, to maximize the ability to move at a high quality. 

Open to all levels. This class is scalable to meet the needs of all client injury history or current pains, but please Consult your Performance Specialist for advisory classes. 

All participants must have attended a Pillar Assessment Class and be approved for registration. 

This class is a Move Well training option and may be trained in 3 or more times per week. Some participants may be sore from this class due to the required movement demands. 


Special Instructions

This class is only for clients 12 years and older. All levels of fitness and ability are welcome as long as you are approved through the Pillar Assessment class. If you have not taken this class, please do so before registering or reach out to our program director: