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This beginner-level Foundations class introduces any student to yoga!
Each week features a concentration linking poses with yogic principles within the eight-limbed path. Class includes a brief discussion of yogic principles to guide introspection through physical practice, which will include breathwork (pranayama), basic yoga postures (asana) coordinated with breath, and meditation with a generous savasana.
We believe that alignment is key to a safe and effective physical yoga practice, so focus is placed on correct positioning of basic yoga postures linked with the breath. Props are incorporated to increase correct alignment and pose variations so asana can be experienced in all its forms.
This class is perfect for the first-time yogi wanting to explore yoga in a welcoming and nurturing environment.
This class has a normal temperature of 74-77F.
This class is highly recommended for any new yogi before participating in an open-level class.

Special Instructions