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*This class includes dry salt therapy during practice

A fusion class combining the fun and flow of Vinyasa with the stretch and release of Yin. Class begins with dynamic flow sequences and moves mindfully towards longer held Yin postures. Yin poses are held longer in order to release through the fascia, ligaments and joints. This class brings the best of both disciplines together in one hour of self-care. Both the Yin and the Yang is necessary in life. Vin to Yin brings the balance.

Special Instructions

We can't wait to have you back in our space! But before we do here are a few updated things you should know.

- please arrive no earlier than 15 minutes prior to class start time

- no late comers will be admitted into the class

- please fill your water bottle up at home

- please leave personal items at home or in your car

- you must bring your own mat and props

- you must wear your mask while in our common area

- masks must be worn in the studio//space permitting you will be able to take them off

- your teacher will be wearing a mask

- your teacher will be teaching virtually at the same time as your in studio class, please be respectful and understanding of any technical difficulties

- enjoy your time//rest easy in savasana

- be mindful of others and practice social distancing

Thank you for working with us to create safe space for all!