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Experience total relaxation and pain relief! Discover the brilliance and simplicity of Somatic Education in this Somatic Wellness Class! In this weekly class you will learn a series of movements designed to retrain your brain to release chronic tension, reduce or eliminate pain, improve body posture and attractiveness, move better and become more flexible. 

Somatic Education is based on neurophysiology. It’s methods are easy to learn and can either be used to prevent or reverse some of the effects of aging as well. Suitable for all ages, it’s great for elderly people, athletes and people interested in unlocking their body‘s true potential.

About the Class

Somatic Wellness is based on “Hanna Somatic Education”. A revolutionary neurological retraining method that goes to the root cause of your physical pain and distorted body postures: your habit forming brain. By using focused awareness in your body movements you can consciously lengthen muscles, unclasp chronic tension and take back full control over your life!

Based on neurophysiology and kinesiology, Hanna Somatic Education has been recognized by experts as the “missing link" in our medical health care, athletic and physical therapy systems. Somatic movements are gentle, painless and easy to learn and can be used to release virtually all muscle groups of the body. They require no special equipment or devices and can be practiced by young and old.

A Somatic Healing Movement class with Seiji Davis from The Takaya Institute will usually start with a brief questioning to learn what kind of physical issues the students might be dealing with, followed by verbal instructions in Somatic Movement.

The main focus of the class is to give students tools to release the main muscle groups of the body which are most commonly prone to chronic pain and tightness.

Through the usage of Somatic movements it is possible to activate the parasympathetic nervous system which brings about deep relaxation, healing of tissues and joints and improves overall health and emotional well-being.

Special Instructions