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BIODYNAMICA: Journeys to the Self
Dec 11, 2022 - Dec 11, 2022
In this series of workshops, Vanessa Cornell (Biodynamic Massage Therapy and Integrative Guidance) will explore three fundamentals of living a life of freedom and flow: The Body and Boundaries, Self-Healing and Breaking Free, and Journeys to the Self.
Introducing some basic theories and practices from Biodynamic Massage Therapy and the tools of Integrative Guidance, each workshop will explore the ways that our bodies and minds hold both patterns that keep us frozen in place, and carry the potential to be free to move forward.
We will practice becoming deeply aware of our bodies as sovereign, as well as learning a few simple tools (through breathing, moving and visualising) to support you to have:
- greater trust in the body's wisdom
- better understanding of 'holding patterns' - what they mean and how to shift them
- more flexibility and openness to 'outside the box' problem-solving
Each workshop will reference concepts and tools in other sessions and can be done as a complete series (in any combination), but can also work as standalones.

BIODYNAMICA: Journeys to the Self
Join Vanessa in the third of the Biodynamica workshops, where we learn to go deeply inward and meet our 'helpers', who exist within us and all around us.
In this, the most esoteric of the Biodynamica sessions, we learn through movement, breath and a series of ever-deepening visualisations, how to enter into a relaxed and open inner space, where we can contact aspects of our consciousness that hold a 'knowing' beyond logical thought.
We will spend time reflecting on the symbols and meanings we discover in our explorations, with space for journaling, doodling and sketching what we 'see'.
This is a profound exploration of our deepest, most creative selves, learning to 'know what we know' and trusting in that knowledge. Please feel free to bring a journal, sketchbook, and pens, pencils (or crayons!) to put your insights onto paper.
Vanessa looks forward to holding this space for you!
One session: £35 / Attend all 3 for £90
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Dec 11, 2022
3:00 - 5:00pm
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