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Full Moon Sound Healing Gong Bath & Meditation
Oct 20, 2021 - Oct 20, 2021

The Full Moon brings us a powerful energy capable of awakening our consciousness to recognize our true self. This event is a great opportunity to open your intuition and contact your inner self to recognize your uniqueness. Your Sat Nam! The Full Moon Sound Healing Gong Bath & Powerful Kundalini Meditation are a great way to channel these strengths. The Sound of the Gong and the Kundalini Meditation will calm your mind and harness the healing and self-empowering potential of this Full Moon.

El Baño de Gong de Luna Llena y la Meditación Kundalini es una excelente manera de canalizar las fuerzas energéticas que la Luna Llena nos transmite.

Oct 20, 2021
7:00 - 8:30pm