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The Therapeutic Relationship
May 30, 2025 - Jun 1, 2025

“A boundary is any limit I need to honor so I can love or work with you without resentment and with integrity.” —Dr, David Gruder. In this module, we will learn more about: 1. How to create clear, compassionate boundaries 2. Directive and non-directive dialogue 3. Embodied presence and listening skills 4. Effective, non-violent communication. Yoga therapists need to be able to adjust to unique needs of their client or student while maintaining a safe therapeutic relationship that is empowering for everyone. In this innovative module we will explore the dynamics of the therapeutic relationship and learn how to create a safe and welcoming space. We will examine ways to manage your relationship with your yoga therapy clients. You will gain a deeper understanding of where classical yoga psychology and modern pyscho-therapeutic theory meet to allow you to be of service to your clients while maintaining balance for yourself.

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May 30, 2025 - Jun 1, 2025
5:00pm - 9:00pm PDT
May 30, 2025 - Jun 1, 2025
Sat, Sun
9:00pm - 5:00am PDT
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