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Anti-Oppression and Yoga Therapy
Oct 30, 2024 - Nov 21, 2024
Designed for discourse, this module led by Agi Mallory and Sanjeet Takhar provides an exploration of anti-oppression, racism, and colonization in the yoga studio and the world.
Together we will dive into what it means to create brave spaces, to build radical love, to serve communities and to live more mindfully.
This workshop is designed to offer you the opportunity learn and discuss topics both on your own and within the group, including:
  • Racism and White Supremacy
  • Diversity, Inclusion & Intersectionality
  • Yoga & Its Roots
  • White Privilege & Yoga
  • Living Your Yoga
Times -5 - 8pm PST
This module includes 15 hours of in-person (Zoom) + 5 hours pre-recorded materials
Education (pre-reading/watching + assignment)
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Oct 30, 2024 - Nov 21, 2024
5:00pm - 8:00pm PDT
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