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Yoga Therapy in Pain Care (ONLINE)
Feb 28, 2025 - Mar 2, 2025

An estimated 20-25% of North Americans and 1.5 billion people worldwide live with chronic pain and a growing number of health professionals are recommending yoga to their patients particularly since we now have research to support yoga is a potentially safe and effective approach for improving function, pain and quality of life for people with chronic pain.

Yoga therapists are well positioned to contribute to a comprehensive pain care plan. However, misunderstandings about pain by the therapist can result in suboptimal outcomes for the person in pain, where the therapist might use language that unintentionally limits the potential for recovery and resilience or might avoid yoga practices that ultimately would improve tissue health, reduce inflammation, support self-efficacy, help restore more ease of movement, and help regain activities that the person enjoys and values in life.


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Feb 28, 2025 - Mar 2, 2025
Sat, Sun
9:00am - 2:30pm PDT
Feb 28, 2025 - Mar 2, 2025
5:00pm - 8:00pm PDT
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