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Dec 14, 2020 - Dec 14, 2020

Are you feeling a little unsure of yourself? Unsure of your path? Unsure of your purpose? Unsure of what your next step is? Unsure of where you want to be? Unsure of how you want to get there? Unsure of what you want to do? Unsure of how you can live a life that is in vibrational alignment with your truest, Higher Self?

If you adore the concept of reclaiming your power as the CREATIVE DIRECTOR of your life; and the notion that what your life can be has limitless possibilities, this YOGA AND INTENTION-SETTING workshop is FOR YOU.

The energetic power of a NEW MOON is a magical and fiercely potent time to set intentions, and to create new pathways and open new doorways for yourself.

It’s a time to receive clarity about the things you really want to create and manifest in your life and to send intentional energy into those spaces.

Committing yourself to a new moon ritual, has the power to recharge, realign & recalibrate your energy to optimize your creative potential and manifestation.

An intention is simply a guiding principle for how you wish to show up in the world, and is the first step in embodying that wish.

In this workshop you will:

* Figure out what you really want to create and experience in your life
* Create a clear, strong, energetically activated Statement of Intention that will be your manifestation focus
* Learn the components of growth that need to happen to help your dreams come true
* Develop a clear plan of action to move you in the direction of your highest future
* Connect with and honour your strengths as an individual
* Recognize what growth looks like so you can work in harmony with the Universe
* Use the energetic power of language and words to begin to materialize your internal desires
* Learn how to live in a way that embodies and aligns with your truest nature and self
* Learn how to trust your inner knowing
* Learn how to tap into and listen to your intuition
* Learn how to create a sacred intention setting space
* Learn how to give yourself permission to dream, to yearn and to want
Join Anamaya in this workshop on how you can learn to reclaim your intentional power, and ask the Universe for what you want, need and desire.
*Included in this workshop is an Intention-Setting Workbook that you will be able to take home with you and reflect on after the workshop and revisit whenever, personally curated by Anja
Dec 14, 2020
6:00 - 8:00pm