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Jan 27, 2021 - Jan 27, 2021

A Reiki-infused healing circle, featuring guided breathwork, meditation, and a cathartic, yoga-inspired movement practice.

Harness the cleansing + potent energy of the full moon in ritual and ceremony, with a conscious community.

What to expect:

+ Sharing your story

+ holding space

+ being recieved

+ connection

+ a sense of belonging

+ surrender

+ release

+ a spiritual shower

+ clarity

*Every attendee will be gifted a Full Moon Ritual E-Book curated by yours truly.

The Universe is serving us very potent energy on this full moon in Leo -

it sheds Light on the shadow elements that have been presenting themselves in our lives, individually / internally & collectively / externally — making us aware of where we feel limited, unlovable, incapable, undeserving, misunderstood and challenged.

The fire energy that is roaring and abundant in the atmosphere is making way for the burning away of that which is a disservice to the Highest Good, Greatest Realization + the Global Heart.

Harness your LionHeart.

Feel your inner flame burning like the Light of a thousand suns.

May you be reminded that you can turn your individual / internal & the collective / external pain into more pain — or you can alchemize it into purpose, passion + vision.

As the entanglements of karma is burned, like the Pheonix we can rise from the ashes of our harmful programs / beliefs and into our Embodied and Sovereign Essence.

This full moon in Leo is here to remind us that:

The Heart

is the

p o r t a l

to our ascension.

This full moon works with fire - the element of transformation.

In alchemy the application of fire is a prime method of conversion, and everything that touches fire is changed, often beyond recognition.

Are you ready to burn it all away?

Jan 27, 2021
6:00 - 8:30pm