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Heels Choreo VIDEO CHALLENGE (4 weeks)
Jan 29, 2022 - Feb 19, 2022

Latin Heels Choreo VIDEO CHALLENGE

The students in our heels classes have said that they leave feeling empowered and love being able to express their feminine, sexy side! Jojo will teach you to connect to your inner fierce and not let your Heels control you. This will be a super fun and sassy Choreo and the goal is for you to feel confident in your heels and challenge yourself to perform at the end!

All genders and all levels are welcome to join this challenge!

The video is optional as we know some people might be shy or don't feel ready yet, however, we highly encourage you to challenge yourself!

Jojo Zolina learned from fashion gurus and started wearing heels for fun in the 90's. Jojo found himself teaching many Pageant Girls, Runway Models and dancers around the world since 2004.


Day: Saturdays

Times: 11am - 12:30pm

Duration: 4 weeks ( Nov 13, 20, 27 & Dec 4)

Video Recording: TBD

Instructor: JoJo

Price: $200+GST




  1. Learning a fun short choreo and perform with the group in only 4 weeks!

  2. Facebook group will be set up to post videos with counts and music and to connect and answer any questions the students might have.
  3. Final Video details TBD

Jan 29, 2022 - Feb 19, 2022
11:00 - 12:30pm