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Vaxxxed Out Summer Rock Camp
Jun 28, 2021 - Aug 16, 2021


Open to Adults

Summer 2021. RealLife 2.0.
Hello Rockers,

Join this July/August rock camp for fully vaccinated adults.
The particulars of this camp are set to go like this:
The song choices will be jukebox broad, not a particular band nor theme.
There are 7 scheduled dates that this camp will meet; any 5 of which are required. Thus, it is priced like a 5-week camp.
We are offering this buffer, because we expect participants will miss some of the 7 due to travel/summer/RealLife2.0 stuff.
We will offer more than one such camp this summer you demand it.

You gotta be vaxxxed all the way to qualify.

June 28 - Aug 16 | 7 Mondays | Does not meet 7/19
It is expected you will attend at least 5 of the 7.
Outdoor performance at the end.

With: Stephen Clair

Tuition: $275


Jun 28, 2021 - Aug 16, 2021
7:30 - 10:00pm