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Meditation for Soul Seekers: Building Body-Awareness, Intuition & Immunity through Breathwork Virtual
Feb 1, 2021 - Feb 22, 2021
Building Body-Awareness, Intuition & Immunity through Breathwork
Online 4 Week Series
When? Mondays @ 12pm CST (Feb 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd)
You can expect a 60 Minute Class each Monday plus a private 15-20 Minute follow up call/check-in.
Price: $75
This is a course that will introduce the elements of a heart-opening, healing, and transformative mediation practice. By the end of this course, whether a seasoned meditator or new to the practice, you will have all that you need to go into this New Year with peace of mind, a connection to your heart, and a practice that supports your health and vitality.
The first week is an introduction to breathwork. We will explore the elements of what's happening in your body and how to practice breathwork for holistic mind and body vitality.
The second week will introduce the practice of mindfulness. We will discuss the nature of thoughts and feelings, and together, uncover the essence of being peacefully in the moment.
The third week dives into the concept of grounding. We will explore the scientific explanation, how it can be practiced for mental clarity, and dropping into the intelligence of your heart.
The final week explores mindset and intention as a transformative mediation and lifestyle practice. We will continue to practice the first 3 elements with the added element of visualization.
Brenna's Bio:
Brenna Steiner is a Holistic Health & Mindfulness Practitioner with an approach that guides soul-seekers looking to support their well-being and enhance both mental and physical performance. Utilizing breathwork and mindfulness coaching as a foundation, Brenna empowers clients through health education, nutrition counseling, and movement training. Her intention as a coach is to lead and support others who have a dream and are seeking to build a mind and body that is capable of creating & living in that dream.
Feb 1, 2021 - Feb 22, 2021
12:00 - 1:00pm