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Fertility Workshop - ONLINE Virtual
Sep 8, 2023 - Sep 8, 2023

Find out what your OB/GYN or your IVF doctor will NOT tell you about what it takes to get pregnant naturally. This workshop is helpful whether you are simply interested in having a healthy baby in the future, or you have been told you are too old, have bad egg quality or bad sperm quality, or even if you have failed IVF in the past.

Learning objectives from my workshop:
* 5 major factors for successful pregnancy
* #1 cause of IVF and natural pregnancy failure
* What is egg quality
* 3 things to do ideally at least 6 months before starting to conceive
* What is FABM (Fertility Awareness Based Methods)
* What is Restorative Reproductive Medicine, a great alternative to IVF
* What is Wholistic Fertility

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Sep 8, 2023
12:00pm - 1:00pm PDT
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