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IN-PERSON at JCC - RED SERIES - Baby Sign Language Playgroup
Apr 1, 2023 - May 6, 2023

Stop guessing what your baby is trying to tell you and start spending more time fulfilling your child's specific needs. Baby Sign Language gives parents the opportunity to communicate with children long before babies can verbalize their wants and needs. Research studies show that signing with babies accelerates language acquisition, reduces frustration and aggressive behavior, and as children mature, results in a greater interest in reading. Out of all the wonderful benefits of baby sign language, the most important benefit of all is that signing will greatly deepen the bond between you and your child.


This 6-week series class is a fun opportunity for you to build your signing vocabulary with themes like mealtime, animals, colors, family, bedtime, and more! We've split 18 sessions into three different six-day series named after the primary colors: Red, Yellow, and Blue. No need to take them in order. Just dive in and start learning now.

Our Introductory Workshop is recommended prior to taking a playgroup series unless you are already familiar with American Sign Language (ASL).

New 2020 Themes ~ RED, YELLOW, BLUE
In the past we've offered two Playgroup Series named Boom and Zoom. Parents have been asking us to add a third series for years. So, ....drum roll.... In 2020 we are thrilled to announce that we are expanding our program and offering three different playgroup series.

RED SERIES (Similar to our old Boom Series) 
Day #1 Magic 7* Signs plus Mealtime Red
Day #2 Colors and Clothing
Day #3 Animals on the Farm
Day #4 Bathtime Signs
Day #5 Weather Signs
Day #6 Family Signs and Series Review



Oshman Family JCC

3921 Fabian Way | Palo Alto, CA 94303

(Jeff Center for Families)


Please pull in at 3921 Fabian Way, Palo Alto, CA 94303. Enter the right lane and pull up to the Security Booth. Tell them the reason for your visit. From there, you may proceed into the garage. You will find parking in Aisles C, D, E, F or 1, 2, 3, 4. Once you have parked, you may take the staircase just outside the garage entrance or the elevator/staircase located in Aisle D. This will take you up to the main area of campus, the Town Square. From there, you will see the Cafe, Oasis Play Space and adjacent to it is the Jeff Center for Families.

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Apr 1, 2023 - May 6, 2023
3:00pm - 4:00pm PDT
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6 Sessions
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