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Refine Your Lines - Reform Your Life!
Jan 23, 2021 - Jan 23, 2021

Join us Jan 23rd for “Refine Your Lines, Reform Your Life”, a FREE interactive virtual workshop designed to help you maximize your at home equipment and Mat workouts when an instructor’s keen eye is just not available.

Join Master Pilates Instructors Leslie Russell and Kelsey Gephart from 10AM to 1PM EST and learn how to increase the precision in your practice with progressions and regressions as well as equipment adjustments - all while honoring any injuries or limitations that you may have within your body.

Don't miss this perfect chance to hone your Pilates skills and stick to your New Year's Resolutions for health and wellness at the same time!

This is a Virtual Workshop for you to join us from anywhere! It will consist of a lecture portion, an interactive portion, and end with a 45 minute full-body workout that is applying what was covered to practical use.

The first 20 students who sign up for the virtual workshop will receive a FREE 30-minute virtual private intro session with one of our top-notch certified Pilates instructors!

NOTE: Register now to receive the replay link after the event.

Jan 23, 2021
10:00 - 1:00pm