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Restore and Nourish
Dec 8, 2019 - Dec 8, 2019

Restorative yoga relaxes both the body and the mind, and promotes the regeneration of both. It has also been proven to lessen anxiety and stress. The practice of restorative yoga incorporates yoga props, such as blankets and bolsters, and very minimal movement – inviting calm through supported stillness.

During this unique event, we will practice 75 minutes of restorative yoga, followed by a healthy and delicious plant-based brunch. Seasonal menu is TBA. All menu items will be vegan, gluten-free, and nut-free.

Please note: You do not have to be vegan to come to this event! This is open to anyone who is currently living a plant-based lifestyle, considering transitioning to plant-based eating, those who enjoy the occasional #MeatlessMonday, or those who are just curious about what the heck vegans eat.

The goal of this event is to Restore & Nourish on every level: physical, mental, and emotional.

For specific questions about the practice, the menu items, or if you have dietary restrictions, please contact Markeeta directly. Feel free to BYOB.


WHEN: Sunday, Dec. 8, practice begins at 11:30


Dec 8, 2019
11:30 - 12:45pm