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Intro to Fascial Movement
Sep 17, 2022 - Sep 17, 2022

Fascia, the most ubiquitous connective tissue in the body, is creating a buzz in the fitness industry. But what is fascia? Why do fitness professionals need to know about it? What role does it play in movement and sports performance? This primer workshop, created by the Merrithew® team, demonstrates there is much more to fascia than self-myofascial release, demystifying the fascial system and defining the role it plays in the human body.

Through movement, we’ll explore fascial movement variables such as; Bounce, Sense, Expand, and Hydrate. Discover how adding these movement variables to your programming can enhance mobility, strength and durability. This two-hour workshop consisting of theory and application is suitable for fitness professionals with prior fascial knowledge, as well as those to whom fascia is new. It provides a brief preview of topics that are more deeply explored in the 16-hour Fascial Movement Foundation Course.

Learning objectives

  1. Review basic fascial anatomy, identify the many roles fascia plays within the body, and discuss its relevance to movement
  2. Learn how fascia is instrumental in functional daily life, sports performance and post-rehabilitation
  3. Begin to discover fascial movement variables and how they can be used to augment all programming
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Sep 17, 2022
3:30 - 5:30pm
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