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Turkey Day 3v3 Tournament (Middle School)
Nov 28, 2021 - Nov 28, 2021

Does your squad have what it takes to run the courts and take home the championship!? Come join us on Sunday, November 28th for our one-day 3v3 tournament!

-Each team is allowed to have up to 4 players

-$25 per player

-All players must have a Courtside account

-One player from each team must text (219) 333-2962 with their team roster and team name

-Winning team members will receive one free 1on1 training session with one of our trainers ($80 value)



Initial Possession: Determined by Rock/Paper/Sissors

Game Duration: 15 Minute games or first to 21 points (2s & 3s)

Overtime: Sudden Death (first to score)

Substitutions: Substitutions can occur after made baskets or any dead ball situation

Starting Possessions: After any dead ball or made basket, the ball must be checked up behind the 3 point line. After defensive rebounds or steals, the ball must be brought back past the 3 point line.

Free Throws: 2 free throws for being fouled while shooting. 3 free throws for being fouled while shooting behind the 3 point line. 1 free throw if fouled and the basket is made.

Jump Balls: All jump balls go to the defense

Timeouts: Each team is allowed one 30-second time out per game

Nov 28, 2021
10:00 - 1:00pm