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Designing a Collection
Sep 15, 2019 - Sep 15, 2019

So many people making jewelry call themselves designers, without so much as a second thought given to what makes a designer. And what exactly does a designer do?

The concept of good or bad design is subjective, but in this fast paced, highly interactive and creative class you will glean answers to these questions. You will learn the basics of designing a cohesive collection with some fun hands-on exercises. Also, you will begin to look at your jewelry through new eyes and see how you can improve your designs and become a more successful and thoughtful designer.

Marlene Richey, who is known for her business and marketing classes, will reveal another part of herself that most people don’t know. Her father was head of the art department at the university level, and her uncle was head of the art department at Central Washington University. Both men published numerous books on art, design and art education. Marlene herself majored in art and metalsmithing in college and did postgraduate work on Russian icons. She was raised in an environment where the concept of “less is more” was prominent, and Scandinavian designer, Alvar Aalto, and the postmodern movement were common topics during family conversations. All of this was the perfect preparation for a successful career in the jewelry and craft world. These concepts are still popular today, making Marlene an ideal instructor and invaluable advisor to the modern designer.

Marlene knows design and wants to help develop your aesthetic and take your vision to the next level. This class is invaluable to the artist who wishes to push their concepts further to create strong and beautiful works of art.

Sep 15, 2019
10:00 - 5:00pm