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Adult Music Program - Fall
Sep 10, 2019 - Nov 26, 2019
  • Designed for participants 18+ of all abilities and diagnoses (accompanied by a support worker)
  • This unique music program incorporates using voices to be part of the music, story-telling through movement to different tempos and styles of rhythm, creating music on a synthesizer, deep listening and expression through sound and simple, interactive group song writing for a whole-body musical experience.
  • Created to help participants:
    • Develop tools for creative self expression, in turn building self-worth and confidence
    • Improve verbal and non-verbal expression
    • Build social skills and use them appropriately with their peers in a safe space
    • Improve fine and gross motor skills as well as all aspects of coordination
    • Relax and allow time to connect with their body and mind
    • Develop ability to sequence and improve memory through music based activity
    • Offer a sensory experience that is exciting and fun
    • Explore thought processes, and emotions in a creative and therapeutic manner


Sep 10, 2019 - Nov 26, 2019
11:15 - 12:15pm