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Tai-Chi Chuan Class
Jan 9, 2020 - Apr 2, 2020
A Ten Week Series building on the previous beginner course. Participants will learn:
Warm-ups - The Seven Stars step revealing fundamental stepping pattern and awareness. The Four Directions introduces light pushing hands-training.
Qi-gong - The Eight Brocades or Baduanjin. This exercise promotes toning, strengthening, and flexibility through a series of eight movements.
Practical Tai Chi Chuan - over a period of six months this course will enable you to learn the Short form (36 movements). Tai Chi forms promote fluidity, awareness and meditative movements resulting in deep body awareness. In this course, you follow the instructor and learn to practice on your own.
Zhang Zhuan - Standing meditation, simple standing or sitting postures which help to promote a meditative state of awareness and build relaxation in the body.
Jan 9, 2020 - Apr 2, 2020
7:15 - 8:15pm