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Elemental Yoga and the Mind Arts
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Ecstatic Dance Fort Worth June 2024!
Jun 28, 2024 - Jun 28, 2024

Hey Y’ALL! We are super excited to announce your next opportunity to dance with Ecstatic Dance Ft Worth is on Friday June 28th!!!

Buy your tickets now if you want to secure your spot! Only 25 tickets available and we sold out last time so we cannot promise there will be a ticket available at the door!

COMMUNITY ANNOUNCEMENT : Please arrive on time for opening circle!! Doors open @ 6pm for warmup + we will begin opening circle @ 6:30. No late arrivals will be permitted any later than 6:40!! This is to honor the safety + integrity of our container. If you are not there to presence yourself at opening circle we ask that you come again and try next time. Ticket transfers will be honored for the next dance ~only~ and then will expire. We appreciate your understanding and willingness to participate in making our container as consistent and clear as possible.





Ecstatic dance is an opportunity/space to dive deeper into personal self-expression + expansion through free-form movement in a non-judgmental, sober, trauma-informed space. We invite you to come as you are + move how you like!



The Ecstatic Dance “wave” will take you on a journey through a landscape of melody + beats, increasing in intensity until the peak, from there you will be guided back down and into “stillness”. Once the music starts we will enter a non-verbal space to allow our bodies to do the talking. If you find your mind racing, that’s okay! We encourage you to return your focus to your movements + your body as many times as you need. That is why we call this a “practice” after all!


Wear comfy clothes + bring a water bottle. Limited on space so we don’t recommend bringing personal yoga mats or pillows. We will begin with a few minutes of light music to warm-up our bodies. Then we will gather for an opening circle to hear our agreements + belong ourselves. Please be on time so you don’t miss out! We will finish with a soothing sound-bath + closing circle for integration.



When you stay with the process, unexpected things can emerge: internal epiphanies, a newfound love for oneself, a deeper connection to your fellow dancers + community. Because what we practice on the dance floor follows us into our daily lives, this practice is a beautiful way to explore connection, practice bodily autonomy + play with your own flavor of self-expression without fear of being recorded or judged.


Come dance with us! We can’t wait to meet you in your brilliance.



Elemental Yoga : 714 W Magnolia Ave, Ft Worth Texas 76104



6:00p | Doors open / Warm up

6:30p | Open circle / Belonging ourselves w. Rose Bud

6:45p | Ecstatic Dance wave begins w/ DJ

8:00p | Sound bath + Closing circle / Integration w. Rose Bud



  • we dance barefoot, in socks, or supportive dancing shoes
  • no phones, recordings, or photos on dance floor
  • no talking on dance floor, please have conversations outside the main dance floor or outside
  • we honor a sober container to allow presence and lucidity in our practice
  • we honor EMOTIONS, we will not try to fix you, mop you up, or caretake you out of your process. we allow space for emotions to move through, and offer support when asked by those needing it
  • we practice consent in all interactions on + off the dance floor. we will not approach people from behind or without clear eye-contact, confirming a “yes” by both parties interested in connecting. prayer hands at chest is the universal symbol of “no thank you, I am content in my own dance”
  • come as you are + don’t overthink it (:



Rose Bud is an artist, a community builder, and a trauma-informed space holder who is passionate about cultivating pathways for self-expression. As host of the Radiant Sun Poetry Society and director of Ecstatic Dance Fort Worth, she is privileged to help guide others along their creative journeys. She is excited to connect with like-minded souls here in her new home, the Ft Worth community!


Rose Bud found Ecstatic Dance in 2019 and it changed her life forever. From a young age she always knew she wanted to help people + she feels confident on this path helping others return to safety within their own bodies through embodiment practices + loving presence.


Studying under her mentor + close confidant Sarah Sampson of The Dallas Movement Collective, Rose Bud has trained + learned from many teachers over the years. Lucia Horan, Monica Blossom, Lorca Simons, + Amber Ryan to name a few. She feels so elated to continue in service + as a forever student of this unique embodiment practice known as Ecstatic Dance!


Facilitation by : Rose Bud

Live DJ + ecstatic wave: TBD

Sound bath : Rose Bud

Space holder : Brynn Dardanes


“There is a dance only you can do, that exists only in you, here and now, always changing, always true. Are you willing to listen with fascination? If you are, it will deliver you into the self you have always dreamed you could be. This is a promise.” ~ Gabrielle Roth

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Jun 28, 2024
6:00pm - 9:00pm CDT
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