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Summer Lovin Series - The Yogic Approach To Wellness With Matthew Bazeley - FREE for those on the 'Summer Lovin' Challenge!
Jul 28, 2024 - Jul 28, 2024

This talk will be an introduction into yoga as a system of health and wellbeing.

Matthew will share the yogic recommendations for maximising your physical and mental health, so that you can try out any that appeal to you.

The talk will follow the five pillars of yoga, explaining why each are important and how they are supported by modern scientific research.

- Proper Exercise – Āsana.

- Proper Breathing – Prāāyāma.

- Proper Relaxation – Śavāsana.

- Proper Diet – Sattvic.

- Positive Thinking & Meditation – Vedānta & Dhyāna

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Jul 28, 2024
11:30am - 12:30pm BST
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