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Salsa Lev 1.5 (Intro Lev II)
Sep 11, 2019 - Oct 2, 2019
For those needing some Level 1 brush up and wanted to head to Level II but not feeling quite confident yet, THIS IS THE CLASS FOR YOU!
We will do a quick review of Lev 1 in this class and then expand on some new moves that will add to your repertoire. This will give you a better preparation for LEVEL 2.
ALSO IDEAL for those with dance experience and feel they are a quick study to pick up moves fast. This will give you a good fundamental base but at a faster pace.
Duration: Check your dates and times above
4 weeks (90 min /class) or 3 weeks (120min/class)
COST: $80+tax
COUPLES: $150+tax
Late registration $10 late fee
Sep 11, 2019 - Oct 2, 2019
6:00 - 7:30pm